Unemployed and with a "Made in America" birth certificate.

What say you Obama, Congress & Americans?

To Obama, Congress & Americans,

If illegal is not illegal, then to be fair, unbiased, nonpolitical and righteous, you must release all those in jails/prisons and/or being held for going against mans' laws and stop making arrest! Correct?
STOP your acceptance of human waste, NOW!
STOP your segregation, discrimination and abuses forced upon those whom you seem to of now classed as “Last Class Citizens”.


U.S.A. born human causality


Does the Washington Post care?

The Washington Post will not care since it makes a load of money from those abroad. Just look at all their specialized publications!

Should it be treason for a company in the U.S.A. that refuses work to a U.S.A. citizen who wants the work, and gives the work to someone from abroad?

Shalom and blessings,

The sign was made after not finding work about the District of Columbia (Corruption and/or Confusion) and find a job. The language that is mostly heard amongst walking the streets and in public transportation is not my native language of English. I receive zero (0) from the taxpayers, and am seeking work. Some do not want the Corruption Cripples journey to continue due to their own agenda(s).
I often wonder if people in DC are even human.
So, stay tuned as this will be the link to the blog reporting the discoveries and results:


Write and tell of your story, views, experiences and/or info to share.


Are you still waiting for your job from those in the White House?
Maybe try changing your zip code of nationality!
It works for many. Haven't you noticed?

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