Concepcion Picciotto lies to the court.


With pouring over all the details of Concepcion Picciotto and the others associated with the 24 hour White House vigil, it is clear this woman, as well as, others have been so deceptive to the public. I am being penalized for nothing but not going along with their deceptive, manipulative and disinformation practices. The December 09, 2011 court date is coming and with it will bring more truth which will eventually be shared. 

 So called peace activist and lawyer lie!

On September 19, 2011 Concepcion Picciotto of the White House 24 hour peace vigil and her pro bono lawyer who is very connected with the catholic business of religion, lied while sharing information. When John E. McCarthy Jr., Concepcion Picciotto's pro bono lawyer, lied and lied to Judge Stephen Eilperin, I let him know he was lying. I challenged John E. McCarthy Jr. to file a slander suit if he thinks otherwise. I will be sharing with you the proof of his lies, and am working on a paper to submit to the court addressing this case, and have it put in the jacket of this case. See, Concepcion Picciotto is using a pro bono lawyer even with having over 12, 000.00 $ in United Bank on 1667 K Street Northwest, Washington, DC, and a large black plastic garbage bag of money that her and I took to her storage facility on U street off of 14th street. Concepcion lives with the delusion of thinking she is some sort of promoter of peace. What I have found out though, is that she is like everyone else who takes and takes for themselves. I was warned of this since the very beginning, and now I am finding out first hand. I wonder if some of the mental illness she seems to be experiencing might be in part due to the aluminum helmet she wears under her head dress. I wonder! I will be sharing the times she expressed burns from the government attacking her, and what her marks on her forehead actually were from.  I kept a very good journal and will be sharing this in time.

Could the man in the pic be thinking this: My name is John E. McCarthy, Jr. and I guess it is off to confession for me! Hope the priest does not molest me, but with being a lawyer associated with the archdiocese, I know how to handle them! Will I tell you if I helped in any of the pedophile cases? Will I? I can always go to confession.

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