Department of State assasins

Take a read of this article involving a Department of State assassin or is it more politically correct to say, "contractor"? Seems to me that I have seen this man about DC. If it is the one I came across, he is a deceptive and troubled one.

Many times it is those who are as a Trojan horse that people need to be AWARE and ALERT of.

Yes, the Department of State has in its employ and/or availability  such people who will murder for the little controlled and/or regulated Department of State. I came to realize of those who work for the Department of State and their willingness to ignore rule of law and the Constitution of the U.S.A. while residing in Bulgaria. Because of my unwillingness to remain silent and go on with my life, the likes of Sean Hantak, Gregory V. Houston, Carolyn L. Turpin and others took part in changing my life in the matter of hours. They did not give me a change for the better though. See, the evil followers within the U.S.A. government know one thing is for sure; they are of profit/gain/control, and with such, they will remove any worth you may have and/or keep you from that which you need to survive in their crafted social/economic existence, thus becoming a slave, prisoner and/or hostage to accepting their ways for you to exist. They do not play nice with others, and if they are in your country, BEWARE! They have absolutely no problem murdering, bringing hardship and/or destroying a persons life for their own profit/gain/control. 
BEWARE of those within the Department of State!

Waikiki slaying leads to murder charge for federal agent

By Dan Nakaso and Michael Tsai


Agent arrested in shooting at Hawaii McDonald's

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