Occupy OccupyDC, Andrew and the US Park police about rights!

Justice for all?

Andrew seeking justice and trying to explain discrimination still exist.

The US Park police sergeant on the scene at McPherson Park, D.C..

A once “houseless” man - refers to himself as Andrew -confronted US Park police and D.C. Metropolitan police as to why people were being allowed to camp in McPherson Park in D.C. since the “houseless” even if they closed their eyes for something so natural as rest in the same park, faced arrest. Andrew is a man who has lived about the streets of Washington, D.C.. He has endured abuses and has been victim at the wills of U.S. Park police, as well as, others. The main question he raises on the evening of the 24th of November 2011 is a valid one that U.S. Park police seem to evade and Metropolitan police intervene in jurisdiction that is not theirs. Why did the U.S. Park police not keep to their sworn duty to uphold the “Rule of Law”? Yes, in the U.S.A., the “Have Nothings” and “Have Not” ARE treated differently than the “Have All”, “Have Most”, “Have More”, Have Some” and the “Haves”.

Discrimination still takes place in the U.S.A., watch and learn!

And who are the OccupyDC organizers? WHO?

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Is Andrews' argument with merit?
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