OccupyDC protesters threaten if you will not comply!


 Today, the 3rd of February 2012, more truth came out. Rich Kaufman approached our investigative interactive observer and would not leave him alone. This was even he was once again informed that his advances were unwanted. He tried once again his many tactics, but this time a new one. He tried his diagnosing our reporter as being mentally diseased or something like that. But wait, he does not have a medical degree, but as he states is bi-polar and taking medication for it. If you run into the two men in the pics below, understand that they have done wrong acts against another and propaganda for their own profit/gain/control. Raymond Voide - a self professing artist - has been making a load of money while squatting in McPherson Square. Do you think he is reporting any of it? Do you think he is taking into consideration all the the street vendors within eye site of his business activities and how much they have to pay for legal rights to set up their business activities?

Now, the man from Texas, Rich Kaufman - spelling may be incorrect -  does exhibit tendencies to be with malice and confrontational to those who only seek to avoid him.
Is it ego? Or?
It came to our attention that his wife works for Raytheon in Texas. He informed a small group of people of this before her arrival for the Occupy Congress event. WOW!, that seems odd that a person who works for a company that is involved in our nations security would take par tin such. What do you all think?
During the recent Occupy Congress, she flew to take part in it for about 2 days. She mainly stayed hidden, but was seen at times with most of her face covered. 
Look at the last pic to see one of his propaganda signs wanting to do away with the military complex, but he live comfortably with his wife working for the same military complex. LOL Is this guy sane and/or safe to be around children with?

Both of these men have and/or bring on evil to serve their own. They seem to lack righteousness and with being forthcoming of good character, so use caution. More in coming time!

Both have made threats to our investigative interactive observer. Wondering if they would be willing to take a polygraph test if they are ever asked about their part in evil, or just hope no one exposes and/or reveals their deceit and/or disinformation. They like to use mental tactics/games to confuse!
Be AWARE and stay ALERT!

Take a look at the following pics of some of your representatives:

Rich working his propaganda machine to gain souls for the abyss!

Rich Kaufman breaking a piece of wood on the peoples fencing. Why does he not care about the so called 99%?

Raymond Voide speaking some disinformation - as usual - while making money at the peoples park which they no-longer get to use.

What business does Rich Kaufman have?

Some of Rich Kaufman's handiwork to cause Park Police officers to injure themselves. Such a peace loving man, right! NOT!

Their willful damaging of your park!

The finished sign in place at the corner of 15th & K.

Such hatred from these two - Rich & Raymond.

Rich's ride that he hides and even ... .

Being a self proclaiming Buddhist, whys do you think Rich Kaufman follows the eye of Horus?

Rich braced these pieces of cardboard with metal objects to slow Park Police on their advance and to injure them.

The two men falsely presenting themselves as non-violent did a violent act with taking down this sign which was not theirs. They did so for self serving reasons. These two say they speak for the 99%! So the 99% are also violent?

Ray seeks to halt the military complex, but he live comfortably with his wife working for Raytheon. Is this guy in reality?


Today upon returning to the camp where sleeping DOES take place, Raymond Voide and Rich Kaufman from the Texas region, would not leave another alone who does not want to get dirty with the movement called OccupyDC. Rich kept following a man around even as he tried to eat. To get away from him, the only refuge was to go into the tent and zip it up. Raymond Voide further said that the tent would be removed if it went an attended. See, those about this so called "peace movement" take upon themselves to be judge, jury and executioner. This has been going on in McPherson Square since it set up camp/sleep some time past. A man who has been residing in the same tent as Mr. Voide, said " I have your back" to those who were bringing and seek to bring evil upon a man who is not allowed to deviate from their so called message of "peace". Please, OH please people do a lot of research on these people and ask yourself if you are better off following people who trade honesty for a kind of control that in the end will only take you into the abyss!

More on this story in the AM since both men are not without trickery and evil to get their way into your minds, pockets and lives.

When these so called "piece seekers" use evil, then are not they actually evil? 

Rich, tried all sorts of dialogs and even mental abuse to get a reaction, yet none were given. He was asked repeatedly to leave the person alone, yet refused.