Bomb blast on Bus in Burgas, Bulgaria

Prayers for our brothers and sisters who are affected from this unfortunate attack.
I would spend time about that region with legally residing in Bulgaria. It is a lovely area and the people have their ups and downs like us all. Sad who ever has done this can not take their actions out on those with whom they actually have difficulty with.

I will be bringing the truth of knowing WHY in the U.S.A. the citizens should be very afraid of depending on their government for preventative protection. Follow my report on the new terrorist already in the U.S.A.. It involves being given by U.S.A. diplomatic personnel fraudulent and/or misleading travel papers and a passport which caused so many troubles upon leaving Bulgaria and returning to the U.S.A.. Check back with me on this and I will share what went on, who was involved and what happened next.

Here is the story with a slide show:

Bus explosion kills Israeli tourists


Israeli prime minister blames Iran for Bulgaria bomb