The Occupy movement say "Occupy everything", even if its ...

Occupiers take the home away from this family.
Here is a sad and a too often story of what is taking place with property that belongs to someone else. Someone help me understand that if these Occupiers are for the 99%, then why do they bring harm to the same ones they propaganda to be for? 

The story:

Colo. Family Tries to Regain Home From Occupiers


On another note, but dealing with Occupy, I bring you,

Occupying Occupy

I was embedded with the OccupyDCer's as an IIO. What I experienced was not anything clean, and they are not for a so called 99%. They have an agenda which they know of, but keep those who they want to send in money and goods, they keep it hidden from.They envision a future with them in charge under those who are pulling their strings. I have loads of video and pics to share and pray time will allow this soon so you can have a clearer understanding of these ...?

This is the link to where most of the details will be linked form:  


A current story that I am working on concerns David Bloem who propaganda's himself as of worked in such places as the World Bank, government buildings involving security, etc,  Karen Yao, a Chinese national who claims to now be an U.S.A. citizen. She spoke of working for a time at the National Institute of Health and then Pfizer, as well as, holds PHD credentials. They have a 1 year old child named Hiro out of wedlock. Come to know of Karen Yao's harm she inflicted upon another for nothing else, but their own selfish ways. David Bloem has relations involved in politics about the western part of the U.S.A.. Both played with the Constitution via using their child - Hiro. 
Neither one have been working, and owe people. 
Where do they get money to survive? 
Perhaps illegal drugs and/or ...? 
Or could it be David Bloem takes advantage of people because of coming from the 1% holders.
David Bloem's political ties to the city of  Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Mayor, Sandi Bloem.

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Mayor, Sandi Bloem
Coeur d'Alene's Mayor Sandi Bloem


 The company is now in its third generation with their youngest daughter Amy and her husband Robert A. Bloem. StanCraft Boat Company

 David Bloem and Karen Yao are nasty and frauds. These 99%er's do take advantage of humans!

Both, David Bloem and Karen Yao support a cashless society backed by using the RFiD implant
Here are a few links about the RFid implant:


More on these "?" as I get time to produce the video, but for now here are some pics:

David Bloem business card
A business card David Bloem uses.

8181 Carnegie Hall Ct., apt. 209, Merrifield, Virginia where David Bloem and Karen Yao reside doing illegal drugs
Their residence at 8181 Carnegie Hall Ct., apartment 209 in Merrifield, Virginia

David Bloem's marijuana plants being grown in their computer room towards the back of the apartment
Yes, David Bloem and Karen Yao take part in illegal drug activity. Is the child safe?
David Bloem and Karen Yao's illegal drugs
Mark G. Scott and David Bloem were using this in the bathroom. Not their first time! 

 David Bloem and fellow illegal drug abuser, Pepper.

 Hiro's tent the David and Karen - parents - took to play politics with in McPherson Square, DC

Hiro Yao
They wrote their child's name on top of the flag on his tent they erected in McPherson Square, DC. Hiro did not get any say, he just had to go along with these ?!

Below is a project that David Bloem and Karen Yao used and abused a houseless man - me - into doing, till I realized they lied about its' intended use. They have not paid for my work and some materials. They are not only with malice, but deceive. I have photos from start to when I finished due to their malice. Karen even assaulted me. Police were contacted and Karen was told by police that she would be arrested if she continued. David Bloem watched while sitting in her car. This is a story in its self, so when it is completed, it will be posted here.

After the project was started, I found out contrary to what I was told, they are not allowed to do such work in the parking spot.

More of their deception and taking. This is what I was told it would not be used for. They took advantage of me. Currently, they are part of legal action against the U.S. Park service for their calculated malice to bring harm to "We The People".