What will the "birthers" say now?

Will the real Barack Hussein Obama please stand up?

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Who am I? I am what and/or who I want you to believe I am. Now, who am I?

OK, we all must attest that to get to become President of the most powerful country in the world, you have to be at least somewhat corrupt. There is so much controversy concerning Obama that now even I doubt that this man is as he makes people believe he is. I had not and do not consider myself as a "birther", but ... . One thing is for sure about Obama and that is he has enlisted the 1 & 0 community of computer wizards to get and keep him in office. So who is to say that these wizards didn't have a hand in creating a fake document. It would not be the first time a fake document was generated. Right? Just a thought and in no way a conclusion that Obama's birth certificate is fake. Mr. Obama given his position within "We The People" and if he truly cares about the U.S.A. and/or its citizens, should at least come clean by giving unto some sort of scientific examination as to who he really is. What say you?

Here is the latest story about Sheriff Joe declaring Obama's birth certificate is indeed a fake:

Ariz. sheriff says Obama birth certificate is fake

Here are some links to videos concerning Obama's birth certificate, you decide!

Below a few more links concerning Obama and confusion. There are many to choose from, and I do not agree or disagree with these links. They are just being supplied to get you started - if you have not already!

Obama Changed His Name In Canada?