This rollback wrecker is not for duck hunting!

There is a lot of chatter about the U.S.A.'s coming collapse. I was not looking for this, but it was right there along the road near to 7957-7959 Fullerton Rd., Springfield, Virginia 22153. Upon inspection, the armored rollback wrecker was not painted to be used for anything except during civilian situations. Although able to withstand small arms attacks, it was not too obtrusive in appearance as some vehicles used as such.

Actually, all about were all sorts of makes and models of armored vehicles. It was almost like watching a "special people" parade, except the vehicles were not moving and they were without the "special people".

Here is a link to the website of the firm, Lenco, maker of this fine ride:

Lock and load Dano', they are getting ready for ya'
(video coming soon!)

Do you think that the military have any use for red and blue flashing lights like those in the upper part of the grill?

The turret style opening in the roof is not to shot pigeons, just to let you know.

Now, do you think those round secured openings are money transfers?

This "business" had lots of armored vehicles all about and it looked like a holding center for the Department of State and other organizations that put themselves just too far above "We The People".

The plain brownish brick buildings along Fullerton Road in Springfield are home to more than the normal businesses.The address used on the BAY DOOR Vehicles sign comes up to an area which there is now a McDonald's, and they are not on the corner. OH my, more cloak and dagger stuff!