Evil, Liberals, decay of morals, ethics and righteousness!

The "being" posted above did assault and/or damage property not his own or about 08 November 2012 both inside of the Public Storage in Merrifield, Virgina and outside of the McDonald's, right next to the Public Storage.

Public Storage at 2995 Gallows Road, Falls Church, VA (571) 356-9838
He is a solider - as some state - for those seeking to rise decay, immorality, evil and wrongs above all that is natural, true and correct.

He has been known to lurk about storage facilities and even to look into storage areas not his own with the aid of a wooden like step that he props along side of a unit he is interested to know of its contents.

One thing is clear concerning this "being", and that being he is "spiritually and/or mentally Corrupt"!

Cube Smart at 2950 Gallows Road
Falls Church, VA 22042
He was removed from Cube Smart - pictured above - which is across the street from the Public Storage. He brought forth his evil for similar wrong activities not unlike he seems to do so well.
Others have stated that this "being" supports and may very well engage in other evil acts.

Police were called to the scene. Medical attention at the nearby hospital was needed due to his evil actions of, yet not limited to, assault.

If you have information concerning this "being", please contact the officer listed below:

Below are some more pics of this "being", and on Sunday, video and more will be forthcoming. He had been working his plan to trick, trap and/or falsely accuse another.

Stalking and causing harm where and when is was not warranted, nor wanted.

More of his intimidation tactics and evil.

In front of these doors to the McDonald's on Gallows Road in Merrifield, Virginia, the "being" physically assaulted another, then ran off before police arrived.

Below are just some of the places this being pictured herein has been known to lurk about.
5 Guys, 2960 Gallows Road, Falls Church, Virgina 703.560.3483

Mario's Pizza 2847 Gallows Road, Merrifield, Virgina 22042, 703.205.0444

Thomas Jefferson Library 7415 Arlington Boulevard, Falls Church, Virgina 22042-7409

The "being"

The "being" expressed evils' righteousness with regards to supporting Concepcion Picciotto of the 24 hour White House vigil, info concerning John Doug Hartnett in this story: http://corruptioncripples.blogspot.com/2012/09/when-law-enforcement-neglect-their-duty.html  and others such as David Bloem and Karen Yo. 

All of these and others coming your way - updated or new -, so get to know of what you can look forward to, and prepare to hide the children!
Liberals like them young, timid and willing to be trained to follow confusion, decay, unrighteousness, deceit, trickery, wrong over correctness all only to put them on top and in charge of profit/gain/control of you, their slaves.

Get to know Liberals without their masked agenda and you will know that following them is "DANGER"!