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Public Storage takes the bully approach!

Public Storage at 2995 Gallows Road, Falls Church, VA (571) 356-9838
The corporate area representative for Public Storage -Tina Damron - has taken the stance of holding HOSTAGE and/or COVETING that which is not hers nor Public Storage's. Be careful, very careful with doing business with these apparently unrepentant, remorseful and/or regretful lacking evil, Luciferian whores.

Tina Damron's telephone number is 703.455.0331

Some about Tina Damron:

District Sales Manager 

Public Storage

Public Company; 5001-10,000 employees; PSA; Real Estate industry
February 2011Present (1 year 10 months)
Privately Held; 1001-5000 employees; Retail industry
September 2009March 2011 (1 year 7 months)
Public Company; 10,001+ employees; CHRS; Retail industry
February 2007September 2009 (2 years 8 months)

Store Manager

Charming Shoppes

Public Company; 10,001+ employees; CHRS; Retail industry
May 1994February 2007 (12 years 10 months)

Was Tina Damron instructed to, yet not limited, torture, hold hostage, bring upon hardship and/or terrorize the victim just to force the victim from sharing the TRUTH?

Public Storage REFUSES to inform customer why they take money for a storage unit, yet refuse to allow an individual to gain access to their property.
Who are these whores of Lucifer?
More coming!

A man who has a storage container on the lower level informed the victim on or about 09:30 on the 11th of November 2012, that at about 03:00AM the night prior, someone was lurking about the storage facility on the lower level. This information was also conveyed to the female attendant mentioned below.
Could it of been the assailant looking to do more harm?

On or about November 11 2012 at about 11:05 AM, a female worker at Public Storage was informed of the "being" -  pictured in the report listed below - wrongs and evil actions. Her only expressed concerned even after informing her of loss and sustaining injury by the assailant, was that she is only concerned for Public Storage
How compassionate is this worker, and are her expressed views that of  "Public Storage"?
Is she somehow associated with the assailant?

Also, a representative of the corporate office was contacted on November 09, 2012.
To date, they have yet to address this issue with the victim.