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Justice System guilty of INJUSTICE, Pays 15.5 mil for INJUSTICES

07 March 2013
Michael Love
Stephen Slevin via http://www.corruptioncripples.com/2013/03/justice-system-guilty-of-injustice-pays.html
Stephen Slevin at the time of his booking (left) and his release (right)

Just because a system and/or organization uses a term meaning fair and/or correct DO NOT think it is so in ALL the cases.

Watch and/or listen to the video at the end of this article of Stephen Slevin expressing thoughts after the conclusion of a trial against the so called "Justice System" which proved to anything but "Justice". Mr. Slevin was arrested in August of 2005 for driving while intoxicated, then thrown in solitary confinement for two years at the Dona Ana County, New Mexico, U.S.A. jail.

During the two (2) years of his civil rights being violated, Stephen Slevin's mental health deteriorated, fungus grew on his skin, and he was forced to pull his own tooth after being denied access to a dentist.

Initially, Slevin was awarded $22 million by a jury, but Dona Ana County appealed. The two parties reached an agreement this week. According to NBC News, Slevin's attorney, Matt Coyte, said his client's "mental health has been severely compromised from the time he was in that facility.

"Why they did what they did, I'll never know," Slevin told KOB4-TV. "Walking by me, watching me deteriorate day after day after day, and they did nothing at all to get me help."

With visibility of prisoners all to evident, it would be an insane and/or inhumane person that would willingly neglect another for any amount of time. Such was and possibly still is the case of those sworn to "Protect and Serve" at the Doña Ana County Detention Center.
"Justice" and those using it bringing harm unto others, need to be held accountable. Although no amount of money will be able to bring back lost time, undo any abuses that are encountered, nor undo any Spiritual, physical and/or mental Corruption that is endured, it can prove to be at the least a start to head in a direction away from the evil endured.

According to Jess Williams, the Dona Ana County public information officer, no jail personnel have been fired over Slevin's inhumane treatment. However, he said, the jail has been working to improve the care it provides for mentally ill inmates.

What is wrong though within the "Justice System" is that those who are guilty of such evils aren't actually held accountable in MOST instances. The "Justice System" in more cases than not, protects such people and as last resorts, pays out some of the taxpayers money for crimes the actual perpetrators should be accountable for.

http://www.donaanacounty.org/detention/ c/o http://www.corruptioncripples.com/2013/03/justice-system-guilty-of-injustice-pays.html
Doña Ana County Detention Center 845 N. Motel Blvd., Las Cruces, NM 88007
In a statement released by the Dona Ana County Commission, the jail also outlined plans for a crisis triage center "that will help stabilize mentally-ill persons who have committed no crimes but who represent a danger to themselves or others in the eyes of law-enforcement professionals." But who is watching the watchers? Yes, who is making sure that these people within the "Justice System" presenting themselves as being sane, yet actually DO commit such inhumane acts as what Stephen Slevin endured are held personally accountable? Shouldn't their sanity be checked?

According to Matt Coyte, Slevin's attorney, greed on the county’s part was partially to blame.

But it takes human intervention to bring about "greed", so therefor someone and/or some people are actually the guilty ones. 

He further said there's still one more change that needs to be made: Dona Ana County Jail's warden.

"If you were in the trial and heard what the person who ran the facility said, you would be appalled," Coyte said. "I get lots of people [inmates] calling from that jail asking for help. Am I pleased that they've spent more money in the jail? Absolutely. I'm pleased that Mr. Slevin's case has made a difference in the jail. But the same people are running it, and it's an attitude of how you run something."

A common and much to widely abused excuse and/or scapegoat tactic used by those who falsely represent themselves as being humane, rights/law abiding and/or righteous is to project "mental" Corruptness as being the problem. But not mental Corruptness upon their part!

The "Justice System" is severely biased when evil doers within the system can get away with their crimes and all that is done as restitution is to pay out money that is not theirs. Basically, the taxpayers paid Stephen Slevin for crimes he was well deserving of restitution for, but none of the actual guilty humans were held accountable, nor paid for their evils from their own pockets. It is high time that those guilty of the evils be known and held accountable, even, and especially, when they are collecting a paycheck from their employers: "We the People".

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