Titus Z. Taggart, a criminal while employed with the N.Y. State Police


 Will the real Titus Z. Taggart please stand up?

 Follow below some revealing articles of one of New York State Police finest?

We walk through this life with being made to obey mans' "rule of law", but is such fair and balanced when those who are to "protect and serve" citizens are found guilty of breaking the same laws they are to enforce?

What about the special treatment they receive with regards to punishment and/or penalties?
Do they receive the same or less?

And what about his involvement with an organization such as the New Brotherhood Motorcycle Club? Could Titus Z. Taggart also be a racist? How many citizens did he put away and/or in harms way if he is?

How many?

Is this the real Titus Z. Taggart, not the one that was making arrest and harming citizens via the New York State Police?

With reading and watching the following, which is found below, concerning a person whom society was to trust with not being Corrupt, one might wonder how many citizens did Titus Z. Taggart unjustly imprison, bring false witness and/or harm during his 18 years of employment with the New York State Police?

How many?

How many indeed!

 Titus Z Taggart, Corruption Does Cripple, and you have brought far more harm than you probably actually even care to realize and/or can understand.

Michael Love, IIO


No jail for ex-trooper who held parties

Updated: Wednesday, 27 Mar 2013, 5:36 PM EDT
Published : Wednesday, 27 Mar 2013, 12:44 PM EDT
BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - A former state trooper who was fired for organizing off-duty parties featuring prostitutes avoided a jail sentence on Wednesday.

Titus Taggart was sentenced in Buffalo to three years of probation and 300 hours of community service.

Taggart pleaded guilty in Erie County Court in December to promoting prostitution and had faced as much as a year in jail on the misdemeanor count. The plea came eight months after the 18-year veteran was suspended by state police as they investigated allegations that he threw off-duty parties with prostitutes.
Judge Kenneth Case said he decided against jailing Taggart because of the economic loss he has already suffered by losing his job and because of a number of letters supporting Taggart. He chastised the ex-trooper for dishonoring the police agency.

The 42-year-old Taggart had been assigned to the Thruway detail in Buffalo. Four other western New York troopers were also accused of misconduct and disciplined during the investigation.

Prosecutors said Taggart's party-organizing included bringing prostitutes across the border from Canada.

One of the parties was held in November 2011 at the New Brotherhood Motorcycle Club. Court papers cited by the Buffalo News described a group of men gathered to watch a pay-per-view broadcast of a boxing match as 10 strippers performed and alcohol was illegally served.

Internal affairs investigators who'd been tipped off about Taggart organizing the party reported seeing the four other troopers there as well, according to the documents.

One was fired for condoning the illegal activity and two resigned after admitting they paid for sex acts, the newspaper reported in December. Another remains a trooper after being suspended for 60 days for getting drunk at the party, according to the court documents.

Taggart is the son of retired state police Col. Arthur Taggart, who was a special assistant to former state police Superintendent Thomas Constantine.


Titus Z. Taggart was allowed to remain free on his own recognizance. Facebook
Published: 12/17/2012, 03:08 PM Updated: 12/17/2012, 03:08 PM

Ex-trooper Taggart pleads guilty to promoting prostitution

Former state trooper faces a year in jail, $1,000 fine

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Titus Z. Taggart, an 18-year veteran of the State Police who was fired last summer after an internal investigation into allegations he was involved with off-duty parties involving prostitutes, pleaded guilty Monday to promoting prostitution.

Taggart, 42, of Amherst, faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine after admitting to the misdemeanor charge in Erie County Court.

Prosecutor Paul E. Bonanno said the months-long State Police investigation revealed Taggart organized, advertised and supervised exotic dance parties involving dancers and prostitutes.

Taggart’s plea stemmed from such a party at 45 Miller Ave., which Bonanno described as a motorcycle club.

The fired trooper became the subject of an investigation last December into reports that he brought prostitutes from Canada into the United States for off-duty parties.

Taggart was last assigned to patrol the Thruway in Western New York.

“It is an understatement to say this defendant exercised poor judgment,” Bonanno said.

The Erie County District Attorney’s Office agreed to the plea because Taggart’s police career is over, and he has suffered severe financial consequences as a result of his firing, Bonanno said.

Taggart has no prior criminal history.

Taggart’s attorney, Michael G. O’Rourke, declined to comment after the court hearing.

Erie County Judge Kenneth F. Case allowed Taggart to remain free on his own recognizance, but Taggart was told to report immediately to the District Attorney’s Office after the hearing to be processed.

Taggart’s Facebook page – which was disabled April 26 after numerous photos showing him with women and large bottles of liquor appeared in the media – included 1,634 “friends.”

The District Attorney’s Office waited to prosecute the former trooper until after the State Police investigation was completed.

Taggart and O’Rourke heard the evidence against the trooper during that investigation, Bonanno said.
“I think it’s fair to say the defendant and Mr. O’Rourke know the evidence better than I do,” the prosecutor said during Monday’s 15-minute hearing.


Three troopers suspended over parties

Updated: Thursday, 26 Apr 2012, 10:17 PM EDT
Published : Thursday, 26 Apr 2012, 4:36 PM EDT
Posted by: Eli George

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - Three troopers have now been suspended without pay for their alleged involvement with parties that had prostitutes.

Trooper Titus Taggart is accused of organizing parties that involved prostitutes while he was off-duty.
An internal investigation has been ongoing since December of 2011, and Taggart was suspended Wednesday. The trooper is an 18-year veteran of the force and was based out of Troop T in Buffalo.

The picture with this story was an image Taggart reportedly used in promotion of his alleged parties.

The Buffalo News reports those parties included food, drinks, and "loose girls." Investigators believe the trooper transported prostitutes from Canada into western New York.


Later in the day on Thursday, two other state troopers were suspended. Jeremy Smith, 34, and Michael Petritz, 33, were both suspended without pay in connection to the investigation. Smith, a 10-year veteran, and Petritz, an 8-year veteran, were both based out of Troop T in Henrietta.

Authorities say though Smith and Petritz were not involved in organizing the alleged parties held by Taggart, but they are accused of engaging in misconduct.

There have been no arrest in the investigation, which continues.

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