The journey begins ...!

Well I left on the nearly 400 mile journey to DC - "Dysfunctional Community" or if you will, belly of the beast - in hopes to bring closure to the evils forced upon me by those within the USA Department of State and those presenting to the public that they are righteous, for nothing more than being human and trying to do what is righteous. More on those involved coming soon! What say you Sean Hantak, Carolyn L. Turpin, Gregory V. Houston and Mrs. Merkel, vice consul at the US Embassy in Canada, all employed by the DoS and having no problem supporting evil.

I left from just outside of Victor, NY carrying a payload of about 180 lbs., of which consisted of some items I was to see they would make way into the hands of those who needed them most.

Julie M. Conner and her malice ... !

Today, the 22nd of July, 2011 at about 07:40 Julie M. Conner made her way upstairs where I was preparing for the day. She did not announce herself - she never does -, and proceeded to the furthest room towards the back of the house. Just as I began to leave the area I rest in and keep my belongings, she spread her arms across the two bunk bed post, thus keeping me from leaving. She was verbal abusive and nasty towards me. I will be presenting audio of this occurrence, so please check back. I will supply more details as time permits, so please pray for me.

The Eviction of Concepcion Piciotto

William Thomas and Concepcion Picciotto stood endless days and nights through all sorts of weather in hopes to end man's use of the atom in warfare - nuclear weapons. Since his death on the 23rd of January 2009, Concepcion Picciotto has been having to dodge even more abuses from those about the house she sates he bought for the purpose of the White House 24 hour anti-nuclear peace vigil. I will be covering and reporting to you all the truth concerning the misleading nonprofit organization, Proposition One Committee, and how they have served Concepcion Picciotto and myself with court papers that seek for our eviction

From here you can keep up with this severely horrible wrong act being forced upon her and myself, as well as, those involved: