Washington, DC

Took this pic just before entering DC from the C&O Towpath. More about the C&O here:

Here, encounters, experiences, what is seen, come to know and anything else that comes my way while in DC will be shared.

Stopping at the Lincoln Memorial after just getting DC, and took this pic only to be told by park police that the Buggee was not allowed there. What ever happened to FREEDOM?

2nd and 3rd nights resting place in DC.

Ready for anything? Is this part of the "police state" we come to know?

A stop for a pic and to check out a man who sits in Lafayette Park claiming to be the one and only prophet, Elijah. More on this fraud as info develops. For more, go here:

Really big and powerful building, but what else would you expect since they control some portion of any money SLAVES are allowed to have.

Slavery is alive and well! For more, just check into the going on activities of the globally controlling USA Chamber of Commerce, and who they are in bed with - so to speak.

Hey I found the Post. Thought it would be bigger than what it is. Hang out at the nearby Caribou Coffee shop at the corner of 15th street, and M on the block where the Post is to hear gossip, stories and info before it is published.

That is me tending to the White House 24 hour peace vigil located across from the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., during the winter of 2010 - 2011. For more on Conchita Picciotto and the vigil that William Thomas and her endured years of abuse and interaction, go here: http://prop1.org/conchita