The Bulgarian Connection

I found that information is very powerful and if you are not willing to stay silent with what you know, your life as you know it can change practically over night. Such became the case with me with following righteousness and foregoing coercive warnings by those within the USA Department of State. What say you Gregory V. Houston of Houston, TX, as he states? What about it Sean Hantak? He does not uphold a persons rights, and conducts himself and many of his affairs with malice. How about it Carolyn L. Turpin? These sorts of people use Bulgarians for profit/gain/control, and I will be bringing you what should be a real shocker of their exploits.

Here is a link to the company legally registered in Bulgaria and the EU which those who get USA taxpayer money to live well and deceive others such as the aforementioned, yet not limited to, DoS employees forced from me:

This whole affair is one of international intrigue, intentional malice and near loss of life. Not fiction, just truth! Stay tuned!

1st visit after some days to the Bulgarian Embassy/Consulate in DC

Sign on the heavy welded steel gate.

The front door side of the Bulgarian Embassy.

Close-up of the Bulgarian Embassy front entrance.