A so called "Peace House" in DC

Upon first arrival at 1233 12th Street in NW DC

Here is listed from my journal the good, bad and which proved to me in more instances that others, the abuses that take place in a house that falsely propaganda's itself as a "peace house". The Buggee traveled over 400 miles to only receive more damage than anything put forth on the journey. Interesting how humans can be with such malice when another human does not seek to involve ones self in the criminal, immoral and/or unethical activities and/or on goings that they take such pride in. In this case, being silent and to ones self brought on the damages you will find as you scroll down. Ellen Benjamin Thomas, the prop1.org, nonprofit group, and/or the Proposition One Committee Trust followers who, yet not limited to, took part in the evils cared nothing of even getting to the truth!

RONALD (Ron) R. Kirk, Jr.

Who is he?
Was he ever or is he a fugitive?
What involvement doe she have with the Proposition One Committee Trust?

Check back by the 18th of August 2011 to find out the answers to these and more.


Mary Miller, who uses the house for sex activities and other activities not for most, took her part in malice on at least one night with loading dirt and trash on and about the Buggee. Could it of been my expressions of finding dislike for her activities that brought her to force her malice upon that which is not hers? She failed to stop there and made false, misleading and/or erroneous statements in hopes that I would flee and desert Concepcion Picciotto of the White House 24 hour vigil so that, yet not limited to, prop1.org and/or the Proposition One Committee Trust could move forward with their seeking to evict  Concepcion Picciotto of the White House 24 hour vigil.

Ronald R. Kirk, Jr. - wanted by the Secret Service - was being sheltered at the so called "peace house" under the direction of, yet not limited to, Ellen Benjamin Thomas, the prop1.org, not for profit group, and/or the Proposition One Committee Trust. When I expressed of not being in favour of staying silent with his abuses and/or possible fugitive status, I was further abused for no reason except standing on the side of righteousness. The Buggee sustained damages which need repair.

More will be posted concerning Ronald (Ron) R. Kirk, Jr. and his delusion where in the past he preached that he is the Creator, and more recently his supremacy depicted in a video where only he can save humankind. He recently expressed he is the Holy Ghost. I get it, the Holy Ghost abuses drugs. Right? Well Ronald R. Kirk, Jr. does, as well as, fancies alcohol and fleshy pleasures. I am one that does not buy into his delusions, nor have ever entertained any thought that Abba, Elohiym abuses drugs, needs alcohol and/or lusts for human flesh . Ronald (Ron) R. Kirk, Jr. does all these and more.

Here is a link to Ronald's website and his 2012 video: http://2012lifeordeath.co  I am not supplying the link to have you think that, yet not limited to, in any way I support his views and/or ways of thought, just to give you maybe a better idea of some of what I dealt with when this man was about. When he was abusing the Buggee and/or me, he looked at me with sincere eyes that he was just in bringing harm. On the upper left side of the shirt, it states: I AM THE KING OF KINGS & LORD OF LORDS. Now with many, it may of been thought of as he is christian, but with Ron he actually believes that he is what is written on the shirt he wore in the video. Tell me what you think, bit be AWARE of this warning: Do not stare at the screen too long, and if your eyes, ears or any part of your body begins to become sickened, discontinue watching and/or use.

More abuse to the Buggee by the prop1.org, not for profit group, and/or the Proposition One Committee Trust followers for nothing more than standing with righteousness.

One day after Julie M. Conner having an attitude explosion, this wheel appeared bent. I am not suggesting anything, just stating it is bent! By the way, Julie M. Conner was angry because of my expressions of not in favour of the drug use and people coming and going associated with the drug abuse.

Some of Jay Houston Marx's abuse, and he only laughed.
Yes, he too is a drug abuser.
Hide your daughters!

One night someone at the so called "peace house" ripped up the seat. Nothing but lies from those about the house, except for  Concepcion Picciotto of the 24 hour White House peace vigil.

More Julie M. Conner abuses? Why does Debra stay silent? Does she help her? Debra is also a drug abuser. Birds of the feather flocking together? Pray for these humans!

A Buggee storage tub was new, but someone, a ghost it seems, dragged it over 25 feet upside down causing damage. The contents also suffered.

Buggee extra wheels and tires were moved from their safe and secure area and maliciously tossed there. Before all the rims were tuned, now more money and time needs to be taken into consideration

        12.07.11, Alfred Alexander, Jr. and Debra used coercion and threat to force the Buggees removal from where it rest now due to reason there is no room to get a washer through the opening directly in front of the Buggee bike. Could it only be that they are in support of a tenant - Julie M. Conner - who is a drug abuser and possibly a drug trafficker and extremely manipulative? The Buggee still remains damaged from all the abuse those about the so called "peace house" that, yet not limited to, Ellen Benjamin Thomas, the prop1.org, not for profit group, and/or the Proposition One Committee Trust followers inflict. Pray for these people.

For more on Alfred Alexander, Jr. go here: 

The BUGGEE is currently crippled, no really, due to those with malice and agendas not with righteousness. Concepcion Picciotto of the 24 hour White House Peace Vigil is also a human who endures abuse while staying at this so called peace house. Each time I make plans to continue with why I set out on the "Corruption Cripples" journey, Concepcion Picciotto asks and has even pleaded with me to stay. She has stated: "I need you" and "We have to stick together".More on this as time permits. Fighting these evil doers in a place promoting itself as a peace house, takes so much! 
Pray for Concepcion Picciotto and I.