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Corruption affects everyone whether knowingly or unknowingly, willing or unwilling, participative or as an onlooker, and it does Cripple! Corruption is not just brought about by those who are sought by the legal system(s) in place. Much corruption can be actually aided by that very same structure and by structures which we are trained to trust, give our all to … .

With that being shared, here we share with those of you who seek to not be guided for profit/gain/control, yet by Truth with what has become to some a phrase referred to as a Person of Interest”. The 3 letter so called “law enforcement” agencies and others use this term, but are not forth coming with you as to its clear and transparent meaning. WHY?

The U.S.A. is clinically sick, so please do not stand down with ignoring your fellow American and your fellow human. Many of those who have taken an oath to “Protect and Serve” find it advantageous to use their unchecked power to serve their and others profit/gain/control.

Here will be those that may and/or where this phrase fits - "... of Interest". Be it businesses, non-profits, organizations, sports related associations and/or ministers, law officers of all sorts, business people, politicians, bankers, doctors, nasty encounters, raging drivers, clerks, technicians, workers, those about the streets, male & female, young and old ... .

You are being “bagged' and tagged” by so many organizations and/or people these days. Often, more times than not, the organizations and/or people doing the "bagging and tagging" are not righteous and/or DO over step their bounds, as well as, use evil to have their way. 
So come to know, thus becoming AWARE and stay ALERT!

Pray for those "... OI" that realization of the evil path being taken, be remorseful and repentant. Sad to say that many of those here propaganda to be believers of some version of that which is higher than themselves and/or are raising children. 
Sad indeed!
Pray & hope to not be like them!

Write with your "... of Interest". Please send details only if factual and not with any intent of malice and/or evil. OK?


Hess cabbi decided to inconvenience bicycle riders with letting off his fare in the bike lane.

On or about 13.12.11@10.30, a Hess cabbi parked the taxi he was driving in a bicycle path directly in front of 1156 15th street, NW, DC. There is video of this event clearly showing the driver, his actions, plates, etc., and is coming. He did not answer as to whether he was an American citizen.
Bicyclist were not too impressed with this Hess taxi driver.
You watch, then you decide!
Check back!


This U.S. Park Police Sergeant is not only a calm looking man. Read below!
This one has displayed calmness with tricking people. WHY?

With first coming into contact with this U.S. Park Police Sergeant, it appeared he was a fair and clam man who would not over extend his authority to carry a weapon, BUT with time he showed he WILL lie and
even take part in intentional destruction of property belonging to another. He has used phrases like, "I'll call you", but without ever having or wanting a contact telephone number for the person whom he is speaking. Such was the case when a young man was roused by the U.S. Park Police while he was in McPherson park Square in DC. Other phrases he likes to use without ever actually caring or meaning them are; "Just checking to see if you are OK" and "Are you OK?". The last one he may be doing because it is used so often in the service industry and for most using it, they do not actually want to know the TRUTH!

During another encounter, this man intentionally damaged art belonging to another and used terms such as, " Just checking to see if you are OK". The interesting thing about such people using these phrases is that they most times than not DO NOT CARE about your well-being. Instead they use it as an open door to disturb, infiltrate, invade and/or take away your freedoms.
(see below for pics of his intentional damage and explanation)


DC Metropolitan police think they are above the law even when there is no call or emergency.

The above photo and related video was taken during December 2011 when a man not in a police uniform had gotten out of the police vehicle and entered a building at 1156 15th Street, NW, D.C.. The police car sat in the bike lane while the man was inside. There was street parking available, but not used. WHY? Upon the passengers return, he positioned himself in the right side rear seat of the police car.
The police car's identifying number is: 9801, and license plate number: DC 3039.
Yes, bicyclers were inconvenienced, but no one in the police car appeared to show any concern. WHY?


Bully door greeter at 1015 15th Street, NW, DC

This nasty man came to attention when others complained about him exercising his ways of appearing to be a bully on others. When he was made known, I met with his nastiness even with being a paying customer at an establishment right next to his perch - where he sits inside. Pray for this fool who if he is a believer, sure does not even understand humanity, nor our Creators ways for us to be towards one another.
He did exhibit a willingness to take any rights you might have and replace them with his wills.

Not sure of his name, but someone referred to him as a mouth foaming pit-bull.


The following two "person of interest" acted together,
so they are being EXPOSED and REVEALED together.  

This seemingly DC Metropolitan officer grabbed and damaged a video camera. Also a liar!

Can you say LIAR & MANIPULATOR? Why was he wearing an ear piece like that used by the Secret Service?
Why was this person representing himself as an on duty DC Metropolitan Police officer? WHY?

Both of these seemingly helpful DC Metropolitan police officers not only lied and violated a persons rights, but one of them was even so bold as to damage property not his. The video is coming soon, so check back!
These two (2) are not there to "Protect and Serve" all.
Names and badge numbers coming!
You may not be safe with these criminals on the streets!