What do Occupy2011, OccupyDC, "peace activist", US Park Police and premeditated harm to another have in common?

This business card was left with Mike who was at McPherson Square that day. Mike said Mr. Holmberg expressed real concern about a plot to bring harm to Stephen, IIO.

The above business card for Carl R. Holmberg II of the United States Park Police in Washington, DC who has been recently investigating a possible intent to bring premeditated harm on Stephen, an investigative interactive observer - IIO. This is the same person whom the Buggee - pictured at the top of these pages - and other property was wrongfully kept from him by those calling themselves "peace activist". Some of these are: Concepcion Picciotto of the White House vigil, Ellen Benjamin Thomas associated with http://prop1.org and those now and still residing at 1233 12th street, NW, DC. 
A list of names will be forthcoming, so check back!

What is the connection between the Occupy2011 and OccupyDC movements and intent to bring harm to another?
Is a DC native, Jackie Lawson, who is associated with OccupyDC part of this premeditated harm?
Does he have a small 22 cal hand gun?
Does he posses a knife he carries?
This will be updated soon with photos and more, so check back!

Who is Charles - a tall, older man with greying features - of Occupy2011 and who taks part in the White House vigil?
Does he have a part in any plot to bring harm?

Does Ellen Benjamin Thomas think that by her also having property in North Carolina, that she can be excused from responsibility?

FYI, the Buggee is still and property is still being held wrongfully from Stephen. The wrong actions by these so called "peace activist" are not without quilt with already bringing harm unto Stephen. They cared not about keeping him on the streets in harms way, and keeping him stranded in DC just for their own profit/gain/control.

Calls were placed to the telephone number listed on Mr. Holmberg's business card, yet he was never around and the phone service stated that his mailbox was full. 
The operator was not available to leave a message there either when calls were placed.

Check back as this story is shocking! If you seek truth of these impersonators of shalom and want to know their real reasons of promoting what they call peace, then this will be a place to be.