See, Corruption does Cripple and others write of it.

Here are just a few articles dealing with Corruption and its Crippling ways.
Corruption is not good for any of us who at least have some sort of good, fair and righteous morals, ethics and ways of existence. For others, it just does not matter.
We all are in this together, so lets be heard!

Corruption cripples global economy


Corruption Cripples Investment in Indonesia


Inside Job – How deregulation crippled the global economy


                                                              The End of Corruption?

                                                              By Parag Khanna


Corruption cripples insurance sector

Written by Kreshma Fakhri



They all do it, so don't be surprised!

This article was lost under the 1's and 0's of this digital age, so we are only bringing it to you at this time. We had meant to list it along with other details when it was presented, so sorry for our fault. See, no matter who runs for what office or position when pressure gets them and they can not stand on a strong foundation of righteous principals, then that person or persons maybe quite well become someone other than themselves. That is unless they have been good a living a life of deception.

Take a read of Obama giving favours:

American Airlines Shows The Corruption Of Obama's GM Bailout


Paul Roderick Gregory, Contributor
Domestic and world economics from a free-market perspective

The U.S.A. is surely a changing, but into what? All that is natural about the universe now seems to rewritten to mean something completely different and so to is how the U.S.A. enforces its own "Rule of Law" these days. U.S.A. citizens are not commanded by Obama to step to the rear of the line (bus) for work and allow a non-U.S.A. citizen take work from them. Do you hear the sounds of U.S.A. citizens going hungry, living without shelter, security, focus on a future and more all about the land they are legal U.S.A. citizens of? Obama and many people who are supposed to be defending the USA and its people do not seem to care about the humans who are legal citizens of the USA. Instead Obama and the others as such, seem to only care about their agenda, and these agendas are causing harm and even death to others who are not for the agenda being served up at this time.

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