Concepcion Piciotto's unrighteousness and willingness to be with evil!

This lawyer likes to utilize starring without blinking to bring out some sort of unrighteous response. Remember those in grade school who also did as such, and how they would also take part in evil?
Why did he do such wrong behavior today?
Craig P. Lytle who appears to now be representing Concepcion Picciotto pro bono, even with her collecting hundreds of dollars weekly, having thousands in the bank and hides cash at a local storage facility. Has she been truthfully filing tax returns? Can you squat, make loads of cash and be of evil? She has been and is allowed! WHY? The information she gives at the White House 24 hour vigil is with disinformation and that one reason why our IIO fired her and stopped taking part with the vigil. Their involvement with evil even being covered with smoke and mirrors should alarm all, even those who do not side politically with her and those of her.

Smoke and mirrors were once again in full show at a District of Columbia court today – 16.02.12. Concepcion Picciotto along with support from those who seem to use tactics of corruption as if it were water to them. Steve Shapiro who was SUPPOSED to be an unbiased mediator clearly was for one side – it was not for TRUTH! His bully tactics should shock those of you who do not seek to remain servants to evil.

Concepcion Picciotto who professes to be a “peace activist” DOES lie, deceive, steal, use malice, evil and more. What else will she take part in? There have been rumors of malice, wrong doing and intentional harm being taken out on and/or with setting up our investigative interactive observer. What else will these so called “ peace (piece) activist” do which involves their support of evil? Rape, child molestation or even murder? Are they capable of doing such and accusing another? Would they plant incriminating evidence on another? There is talk that the aforementioned sort of evil/wrong action is going to take place and/or the implementation thereof has commenced. Is one such supporter of evil a D.C. man – Jackie Lawson – who showed up at a Caribou Coffee business located at 15th & M streets in D.C. with speaking of being forced to register till 2012 as a sexual offender. He also spoke of marrying a foreign woman for profit/gain/control. Is he being truthful or …? He has already shown to take part in evils, and what part has he taken with bringing harm to our IIO. His use of evil will be exposed and revealed!
Remember, his harm with taking part in evil. 

Jackie Lawson - sitting in the background - at OccupyDC. The red bicycle he stole one night while sleeping near McPherson metro station can also be seen to the right of him. The man in the foreground has been mentioning where is the Buggee. He acts as if he is unaware that Concepcion stole it. Is he involved? What is his part?

The list of person(s) who are and may be taking part in evil will be posted here and on this sire being developed:

Details of today’s events with Concepcion Picciotto and her involvement with evil will be forth coming.
Do not be fooled by these serving their own selfish agendas.

Do not take Concepcion Picciotto and/or any of those affiliated with, Ellen Benjamin Thomas as being truly for you. Dig into them and their connections with corruption and evil.

Do not give willingly to these "?" who use painted smilingly faces, one love, peace, we are one, the 99% and more. Ask to have their date proven. That is what they are doing to others. Do not be their fool! Not all of those professing to be peaceful are as them, and that may be only one reason why all of those who seek to be righteous unto our Creator do not involve themselves with these who are of smoke and mirrors.

There are those with OccupyDC and Occupy2011 who are not forthcoming with their involvement with the evil being forced upon our IIO.
Do you really think they can be trusted, and/or should you trust them with something so important as the future?

More will be written on this in-time, so check back!

Become AWARE,
stay ALERT!