Well, the so called "peace activist" or as I have come to know them by their evils & malice, "peace antichrist occultist", have been at evil & malice again.

Those in the so called "peace house" strike again with keeping me from my property.

On or about 30 -31 of August, 2011, did Concepcion Picciotto of the White House 24 hour peace vigil take part in malice with putting this chain and a lock on the cart given to me for use?
Pray for Concepcion Picciotto and a fine recovery of her spiritual and mental disabilities.
Why does she take part in keeping me from my Buggee?
Look below!

This is Concepcion Picciotto's doing!

A close-up of the longing style chain with lock keeping me from use of my Buggee.
Jay McGinley - see below - made the statement of whether it is indeed my Buggee.
Well it is mine, and I built it in Victor, NY. OK Jay McGinley?
You have to know him to understand with communicating something as such, is just one of his many ways of using psychological warfare and mind control on people to achieve his agenda.

Concepcion Picciotto
has spent nearly a lifetime at the White House 24 hour peace vigil, but did you know she did not do it without a lot of help. When she uses someone up and/or the person no longer will be her slave, how does she reward them? Is this how she rewards them? By her and others evil & malice? By using using evil & malice to keep them her slave? What part did she have in chaining the bike to my Buggee, thus keeping me from my Buggee and its use?
Concepcion Picciotto can be really nasty. Really nasty!
Others know this, now so do I.
Pray for Concepcion Picciotto and a fine recovery of her spiritual and mental disabilities.
More on this in time. Please bookmark and follow the links at the end of this posting.
Thank you kindly!.

Jay McGinley aka ink face aka start loving

Jay McGinley is an interesting person, but did you know he snoops about others personal property? Cover-ups evils? What if these who he assist and/or looks the other way for because they are willing to be for his agenda, brings evil upon you? Is it righteous?
Is he or has he evaded child support?
And what about all that ink on his head.
Ouch, that had to hurt!
Well, that is if it is real!

Why all the ink Jay? Is it a good marketing strategy? Come on now, come clean!

Jay McGinley on another one of his attempted suicides, or is it as he wants you to believe, a hunger strike? More on his prophecy of why people need to pick up hunger strikes and be willing to take them to the end - as she states. Come on humans, if he wants to kill himself, please do not be his FOOL! Please do not follow his suggestions. Intentionally harming your body is not GOOD. So please think about it really hard, and do not harm your body! Jay McGinley uses all sorts of taken out of context messages for an agenda.
In or about June of 2011, he was telling young people that if we do not STOP coal and oil use within - as he sees it - 6 months, then the world is DOOMED! Really now!
Wait a minute. Wasn't there a recent man who predicted the end? Oh yes, that is correct he did and now he has fallen ill. Remember Harold Camping of Family Radio?
Read a bit about his false prediction here:
You may be shocked of what will be disclosed about Jay McGinley's predictions.

More here about,
James E. McGinley

Really shocked!

Please do not fall for these agenda promoters using disinformation.

Pay attention here, since there is a load to come!

The info in this urgent update will moved to here:
& here;
after more info is added, so check back to come to know these peace antichrist occultist for who they really are.
Do not be FOOLED! OK?

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